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Paula Hyman's
Fastpass Individual Bar Review Tutorial
Personally designed bar review courses in passing the California Bar by a
former Bar Grader


P.O Box 13209
Oakland, CA 94661-3209
Phone: (510) 530-5607 Fax: (510) 530-5607


Frequently Asked Questions
1.  How is Fastpass Bar Review Course different from a traditional bar review course like Barbri or Barpassers Bar Review?
Barbri & Barpassers lectures are top notch. Barbri and Barpassers both have great bar review books. Many of my students attend or have attended Barbri or Barpassers and they continue to use the Barbri or Barpassers Bar Review Course materials. My Bar Review Tutorial is different. It is taught by a former Bar Exam Grader. My specialty is strategy.
2. How are Fastpass Bar Review Course classes organized?
I tutor one student at a time. This way I'm able to evaluate and tailor a bar review course to fit each student's needs. Typically, I will meet with a student for eight one-on-one private tutorials. A tutorial is about an hour and a half or two hours long. Tutoring may take place in my office or, if appropriate, via phone, fax, email, etc. Again, this differs from a bar review course like Barbri or Barpassers where classes are filled with other bar review course takers and where you view videotaped lectures.
3. What about the Fastclass and Faststart Bar Review Courses?
Fastclass and Faststart Bar Review Courses are small group classes offered by request only. Fastclass is a two-day class on strategies for getting extra points on essays and performance tests. Faststart is an eight-week "head start" class that is offered during the fall and spring semesters. Typically, I teach these bar review courses at the request of law schools or study groups.
4. What does the Fastpass Bar Review course material and work consist of?
My bar review varies depending on the particular student. In general, I put my students on a writing regimen (about eight essays in each substantive area & several performance tests). With each essay or performance test there are at least two answers (and sometimes three or four) which are written during the bar. Many received grades of 80%. I have some 85%, 90% and 95% answers. I also use "cheet sheets." These help with issue spotting and with crossovers.
5. What happens at an individual class of Fastpass Bar Review Course?
I teach "tried and true techniques" for answering bar exam essays and performance tests. I also address particular problems you may be having. This can be substantive, but the usual problem stems from misunderstanding the wording of an essay or performance test. I also know the common problems of bar takers and I review those as well.
6. Does Paula read and grade the practice exams herself as a component of Fastpass Bar Review Course?
Yes, I do all my own practice exam reading and I provide comments and recommendations from the perspective of a California Bar Exam Grader.

How am I able to decide that Fastpass Bar Review Tutorial is right for me?
Fastpass Bar Review Tutorial is very different from the typical bar review course. It is important that you fully understand it. It is also important for me to know about you and what your concerns are regarding the California Bar Exam. It would be best to discuss this during a telephone call or free introductory meeting. Please telephone me at (510) 530-5607. If you prefer, e-mail me at or e-mail your phone number and I will call you.

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